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The Perfect Takeaway Hub

The location of We Kitchens is Ryde NSW 2112

This a perfect location for a ghost kitchen as it is in the heart of Ryde’s high density living and commercial areas. This area is comprised of many new apartment developments and is a concentrated residential area. See below for location and distances to residential hubs.

High Demand

The location is not only surrounded by tens of thousands of apartment units, houses, businesses and large hospitals, it is also amongst plenty of high density new apartment buildings that contain high concentrations of our targeted customers in takeaway food deliveries:

  • Younger generations – more adaptable and inclined to use phone apps and online transactions to make takeaway food delivery orders.
  • Young and smaller families – more readily to order takeaway delivery food rather than preparing and cooking their own meals. Both parents may be too tired after work or it may be too much work to prepare and cook regularly for just a small number of people in the household.
  • Staffs at Corporate Park & Hospital – There are thousands of staffs working in these large commercial / Medical facilities that with limited choice of food at their local canteen, food delivery services offer them a lot of more attractive selections. 

Low Competition

The site is far away from any key shopping town centres like Eastwood, Burwood, Chatswood, Parramatta, etc. So there are no major restaurants in its vicinity offering keen competition.


WeKitchen Ryde hire commercial kitchen

Within 10 minutes’ delivery time, it enables deliveries to be made to the following high density residential and commercial areas:

We are wisely choosing prime locations to maximise your sales



Ryde, NSW 2112